Think Friday: Reconciliation, Ashers & Abortion

This week, Think Friday features an update from David and Donna. It's fifty years since the start of the troubles, Ashers bakery was back in the news and we continue to navigate the abortion issue following the passing of legislation in Westminster last month.

As mentioned in the video, here are some ways you can join with others in responding around the issue of abortion in this urgent window:-

Email your MLAs
Our friends and partners at Both Lives Matter have been working to help you to contact your local MP, MLAs and party leaders asking them to do all they can to help reform an Executive by 21 October to help stop or better mitigate these proposed laws coming into effect. We would encourage you to take a moment to make your views clear to your local political representatives by clicking this link.

Postcard Campaign
Both Lives Matter have also created a postcard and have already ordered tens of thousands to distribute freely to anyone who would like to encourage others to complete and return them to their MLAs as a tangible response. At New Horizon this year 5000 postcards were distributed and this week some Churches have been in touch to order boxes to distribute across their own congregation and others in their area. If you would like to order a quantity of postcards, or enquire about whether any have already been ordered in your area, please get in touch with Dawn via

Prayer event: For the Soul of the Nation
St Anne's Cathedral
2 September 2019 at 8pm

We would really encourage you to come along to this cross-denominational prayer event which is being supported by groups like Evangelical Alliance, CARE, 24/7 Prayer, Transformations Ireland, Christian Medical Fellowship and others. It is a 'gathering together to pray in response to the recent events in Parliament affecting Northern Ireland and it's people. This is not a political event but solely an opportunity for people to unite together in prayer'.

NI Voiceless silent protest
Stormont estate
Friday 6 September at 7pm

This is a creative public response by a group of concerned citizens and is not publicly aligned to any political party or campaign group. People of all faiths/political persuasions and none who are concerned about the planned changes to abortion law here.
The event consists of a walk from the gates of Stormont up to Parliament buildings and a short silent demonstration at the top for 6 minutes. Participants are asked to wear dark colours and not to bring any banners or flyers. You can read more here.