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Peter Lynas

Peter leads the team at Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland. He is a former barrister who then completed his M Div at Regent College in Vancouver where he serves as a board member. Peter is part of the leadership at Causeway Coast Vineyard and is a regular speaker and media commentator. He is passionate about the role of faith in the public square. 


David Smyth

David is our lead on public policy. He is a former solicitor and represents the Evangelical Alliance on a range of government, civic and charitable forums. He serves in the space where faith, law, politics and culture intersect.


Dawn McAvoy

Dawn keeps the office and team in order. She also heads up Both Lives Matter, of which EANI is a founding partner. Dawn serves on the board of New Horizon and the operations team of Ards and North Down Street Pastors.  Dawn is also a deacon in Kircubbin Community Church and lives on the Ards peninsula, with her husband Peter and their three daughters.


Research Assistants


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Over the past five years, we have developed an Internship Programme that has equipped and released emerging leaders to model faith in the public square. By becoming members of our team for a year, our Research Assistants are involved in helping shape and deliver the work of Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland.

Our Research Assistants for 2018/19 are Holly Taylor, Hazel Macaulay and Richard Lewis. 


We are passionate about resourcing and equipping Christians to think deeply, walk wisely and speak hopefully in an age of accelerated cultural climate change.

The website serves as a platform for the work of Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland.

The Alliance is the oldest and largest organisation serving Christians across the UK. We exist to unite evangelicals across the UK, enabling the Church to make Jesus known through its confident and effective mission and voice.

Theologian and former Bishop Tom Wright once said,

“The whole point of Christianity is that it offers a story which is the story of the whole world. It is public truth.”

We agree.

  1. We love Jesus and want people to encounter Him.

  2. We love the Church and want to help it thrive.

  3. We love the Public Square and want to equip Christians to flourish in it.

We are deeply connected to our community in Northern Ireland but have a global outlook, seeking to learn from and share with others wherever they are.