Think Friday: Interns and Prayer

This week we would love to highlight two things - we are beginning the recruitment process for our interns/research assistants for next year. Secondly, we are partnering with 24/7 prayer and others to pray for our nation in these uncertain times.

Research assistants

Each year we take on a number of research assistants offering training and experience in church, politics, culture and communications. These posts last 10 months and involve committing 4 days a week to EA. Interns receive £5000 over the 10 months and expenses are covered. We are looking for people who love Jesus, his church and want to see change in Northern Ireland. Candidates should have interest or experience in some of the following areas - church, media and communications, theology, social sciences, research, public speaking, writing, law or policy. We are not looking for the finished article - this programme is to help you develop. If you or someone you know might be interested, please forward this email on to them and encourage them to apply. You can see what this year’s interns thought in our video above and also in this link you can find more information regarding the post - just click here.

Prayer for our Land

The news is filled with little else beyond Brexit these days. This is not helped by the lack of local government at Stormont. It is easy to give in to apathy, uncertainty and fear at these moments. Major decisions, with potentially huge implications for our country will be made over the next few weeks and months. We believe the church is positioned to speak hope, life, and light in response. We want to bend our knees, unite in spirit and rend our hearts, crying out “God, your kingdom come, your will be done even now, and especially here.” We want to pray for our leaders and contend for wisdom, creativity, imagination and courage that is Holy Spirit breathed. We remember that the government rests upon His shoulders, and so we gather to pray bold prayers for the state of our land. Let faith be stirred. Let hope arise.

Why not join us on Sunday 24th March at 3pm at the gates of Stormont as we unite to prayer-walk up the hill and then take a gathered moment to humble ourselves, kneel at the top of the hill and pray God’s kingdom come.

We also want to acknowledge the tragic and evil shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand. They underline the futility of violence and the importance of freedom of religion for everyone. We disagree with many of the choices people make in choosing who or what to worship, but we acknowledge God gave us that choice. And it is only in ensuring freedom of religion for everyone, that we ensuring it for anyone. We pray for all those affected by this dreadful act and that the Lord would comfort those who are mourning today. 

Lord have mercy.

Be blessed,