Think Friday: Call to Action

Over the last few weeks we have been so impressed with how people have stepped up and responded around the issue of protecting women and unborn children.

Just yesterday we saw news coverage of almost a thousand brave health professionals who have signed public letters to their governing bodies to express their concern about the impact of these changes on women, unborn children and their conscientious objection protections.

We remain in a critical moment and here are five ways you can continue to respond.

Pray – A number of Church leaders and those concerned about the changes have organised a day of prayer on 13th October 2019. The idea is very simple and everyone can be involved. Rather than one large gathering, Churches are encouraged to open their doors on this day for people to call in and pray. A set prayer can also be said at Sunday services. The day has been entitled, “A Cry For Mercy – Praying together for women and unborn children.” You can find this and other resources at our resource hub which we will continue to update in the days ahead.

Petition – Baroness Nuala O’Loan has launched this clear and simple petition asking the Secretary of State to recall the Northern Ireland Assembly. You can sign the petition here - please sign and share widely. This petition is not owned by a campaign group and is a very helpful addition to the great work going on already. On that note, we understand you are being asked to sign and send lots of things in this critical moment and would encourage you to keep going in these efforts. We don’t take it for granted and know that so many of you are willing to do even more!

Politicians - Both Lives Matter have created a postcard to be sent to MLAs as a tangible response to this situation. Thousands of people have already sent these and we are distributing the cards freely to anyone who would like to encourage others to complete and return them to their MLAs . If you would like to obtain a quantity, or inquire about whether any have already been ordered in your area, please get in touch with Dawn via stand@bothlivesmatter.orgYou can also take a moment to make your views clear to your local political representatives by sending an email through this link.

Protest – Our friends at Both Lives Matter are working with others across the community in West Belfast to organise a peaceful public protest on the afternoon of Sunday 13 October. Keep an eye on social media for more details to follow soon.

Persuade – We are aware of so many conversations around dinner tables and in staff rooms around the country. We’d ask you to stand alongside us in initiating these conversations and have some resources here which will help you with words, facts and figures. Here’s a link to the Both Lives Matter booklet and a briefing on what has happened to date.

Protect - We want to follow the model of the early church, who were known to head outside the city walls each morning to look for babies that had been left to die. Home for Good was birthed in EA and wants to help the church be involved in fostering and adoption. We are not simply ‘against’ something, we are ‘for’ a more hopeful way.

Be blessed,


Peter Lynas