Think Friday: Shaping this Moment

Today, the people of Ireland go to the polls to decide whether to retain or repeal the 8th Amendment. Whilst many of you may not be able to vote today, below are a few suggestions of things you can do as we encourage our friends in the Republic to protect both lives.


The 8th Amendment currently protects the lives of women and unborn babies together as far as practically possible, allowing for abortion where a woman's life is at risk. If removed, the proposed legislation would allow for abortion for any or no stated reason up to twelve weeks and for many ill-defined reasons thereafter.

This is a critical moment for this island and whatever the result, it will most certainly have an impact on us all in the North.

Below are a few suggestions of things you can do as we encourage our friends in the Republic to protect both lives:

Pray and Fast:

  • Yourself or with others. Even now it’s not too late to organise to get a few people to gather in the name of Jesus to pray.


  • If you are eligible make sure you get out to vote. Offer a lift to friends and family, elderly church members – who do you know that needs some help or encouragement to get out to vote?

  • Phone a friend or family member who lives in the Republic – encourage them to go out to vote for both lives.

Be part of the long-term culture change:

So many Christians care deeply about this issue but wonder what they can do practically. Here are a few things you can do whatever the outcome of the referendum:

  • Why not commit to supporting a life-affirming pregnancy care service as an individual, a family or a Church? Become a hub church in your area for both women and unborn children in pregnancy crisis. To find out more you can contact Dawn at

  • Women seek abortions for all sorts of systemic and structural reasons which result in them feeling that they only have one choice. A compassionate and just society challenges these persistent inequalities and champions the value of both women and children. You can advocate your local political representatives for better policies for women, men and unborn children right across a range of social issues.

  • Change the conversation - You will undoubtedly be talking about the result this weekend - how will you speak and shape the conversation? We’ve always said that there has to be a better story for our culture than abortion. Use the Referendum not as the end of a campaign, but as the start of a better public conversation about how we care for both women and their unborn children in pregnancy crisis. Be rooted in this perspective in the days ahead, whatever the result. Tell and live a better story of life and hope and redemption in the face of death, despair and brokenness – the Good News.

Whatever the outcome, we will continue to affirm that both lives matter and work towards laws, culture and services which help women and babies in pregnancy crisis. You can find a helpful resource from Both Lives Matter here.

Be blessed,