Brexit: A time to pray

‘Brexit’. This word is everywhere.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, fatigued, confused or disengaged. Over and above all these understandable reactions we want to encourage the Church to pray. In these deeply uncertain times, we look to our sovereign God, who is always and ever present.


We would love for you to join with us in coming before God our Father to ask for His peace, grace and guidance during a challenging time for our nation.

Each week before Friday, 29 March 2019 Evangelical Alliance will be offering a new prayer which you can use personally or as part of Church gatherings.

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To find out how you can specifically pray for leaders, both in NI and across the UK, just click here.

In Northern Ireland, there are few things which can be specifically prayed for:

1. For good governance in the continuing vacuum of a local assembly.

2. For courageous political leadership which builds up this community. For resolution to the political stalemate and mitigation around the effects on everyday life here, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable.

3. For wisdom and discernment when it comes to a workable solution around the Irish Border.

4. For our legislators and policy makers as the severance from the EU requires discernment around new laws and policies.

5. For peace and reconciliation efforts to continue and not to be negatively affected by the uncertainty.

6. For the Church here as it witnesses to the Kingdom of God inhabiting a different space between earthly empires