Why a Website, Why Now?

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We love Jesus. We love seeing lost people encounter him. We love Northern Ireland. We love the public square. We love the church. We love prayer. We love the ‘evangel’ or good news. We love thinking. We love politicians. We love the Bible. We love doing. And we wanted to bring those things together.

We are Christ followers. We worship Jesus. He lived his life at the heart of the public square and so do each of us - in the supermarket, the hockey field, the classroom, the home or the office. He upset the prevailing stories of his day - those of the religious rulers and the political authorities. He was crucified for it and yet in that moment Jesus absorbed the violence of this world - God’s love and wrath were satisfied, justice was done, and we were given the chance of forgiveness and the power to forgive.

We are passionate about resourcing and equipping Christians to think deeply, walk wisely and speak hopefully in an age of accelerated cultural climate change.

This website serves as a platform for the work of the team at Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland. We will continue to post on the main EAUK website, but it is a big site with loads of resources and sometimes our stuff can be hard to find. People were always asking for our resources and we didn't have an easy place to point them to. So we decided to create Reimagining Faith. We aren’t trying to change the story - we love the Bible and the incredible history that has been built up and passed down over generations. But we are trying to reimagine what it looks like to be faithful in a rapidly changing culture.

Theologian and former Bishop Tom Wright once said, “The whole point of Christianity is that it offers a story which is the story of the whole world. It is public truth.” We agree.

We love Jesus and want people to encounter Him.
We love the Church and want to help it thrive.
We love the public square and want to equip Christians to flourish in it.

We are deeply connected to our community in Northern Ireland but have a global outlook seeking to learn from and share with others wherever they are.

Most of the material on here will come from the team at Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland, but we will have plenty of guest input and ideas that reach beyond these shores.

Over time you will find on here:
-    Think Friday
-    The Journal - a rolling blog including guest posts
-    Resources related to mission
-    Resources on the big issues in the public square
-    Political and public policy work
-    Public Leadership materials
-    The Big Picture - a new resource reimagining public faith over 52 weeks
-    And lots of other stuff we haven’t thought of yet

Sign up for Think Friday here or bookmark the site and together, let's reimagine what the Kingdom could look like in this place.

Be blessed,