Think Friday: What a Night!

Thanks to the 20,000 who gathered at Stormont last night. It was incredible to come together and say - we were not asked, they cannot speak. 

The protest walk begins (photo credit #nivoiceless)

The protest walk begins (photo credit #nivoiceless)

It as a powerful protest as so many stood in silence and while it was a gathering of those of all faiths and none, there was a wonderful sense of the presence of God. 

We pray, we prophetically call out our politicians, we pastor those indeed and we seek to persuade those not yet with us. 


For those wanting know what next, please email and request as many postcards as you can use to help as many people as possible contact each of their 5 MLAs. It is so important that we contact MLAs of all parties and let them know this law is not wanted. 

Thank you to all who organised last night.

#nivoicless #bothlivesmatter

Be blessed,


Peter LynasComment