Think Friday: The Bible and the Public Square

This week we look at ways in which we can be more public in our faith.

It is easy to complain about ways in which the Bible and faith are being marginalised, but it is great to think of practical ways of responding. One way is to read our Bible in public - sitting on a train, in the office at lunchtime, on a park bench, or in a coffee shop. This is not about reading out loud (though in certain setting you could do that) but more about reading it in places we would read any other book. It reminds others that the Bible is public truth and it reminds us that it has implications beyond our personal faith.

I also give some practical tips for reading the Bible. I recommend Robert Murray McCheyne’s Bible in a year plan which you can get here.

I also highlight a few books you might find useful:

Tom Wright has completed his For Everyone series on the New Testament which is a great introductory commentary on each book. You can find out more here.

Gordon Fee’s How to Read the Bible for all its Worth is a great book for those looking to get a little bit more serious in their Bible reading. You can find out more here.

And finally, the Jesus Storybook Bible is the best kids Bible we have found as a family and is great to read together because it manages to engage all ages.

Hope some of these help you engage with the living and active word of God.

Be blessed,