Think Friday: Brexit

This week we look at the biggest story of the week and the last few years - Brexit. Why are so few Christians prepared to talk about it and how should we reflect biblically? I even tell you about my own vote in the 2016 referendum.

We look at the ideas of solidarity and subsidiarity. Solidarity is about loving our neighbour, respecting the dignity of all and sacrificing for the common good. Subsidiarity (and sphere sovereignty) ensures decisions are taken close to those affected to avoid the centralisation of power and over-reaching by governments. 

We also look at the Belfast Agreement, boundaries, borders, identity and idolatry. Then we look a the options and I put my cards on the table!

Most importantly in this moment we have to pray and pray well. We also need to begin to speak up and say something about how our relationship with Jesus and the Bible is shaping our thinking and finally we need to model good disagreement. 

There is a lot to cover, so the video is a little longer. Hopefully it sparks some debate and please do share in the comments how you see the Bible influencing your thinking and get in touch if you have a totally different biblical take.

Be blessed,