Think Friday: Alabama & Folau

This week we look at two stories that have been dominating the news globally. 


The first about the new Heart Beat Bill passed in Alabama and the even newer Unborn Act in Missouri. There have been a series of laws passed which seen to be framing the debate for the 2020 US elections and ultimately setting up a challenge to Roe v Wade. There is an interesting piece regarding the tactics around all this here. The article reveal that the US is becoming gradually more pro-life. However, language and tone are so important, and a constant reminder of why our work with Both Lives Matter is so important. The law here in Northern Ireland balances both lives and 100,000 people are alive today because of those laws.

The second big news story is the sacking Israel Folau. This story has been going on for some weeks, but he was officially sacked today. I have commented before on this story and some of the  problematic media coverage. It raises some serious questions about freedom of religion, belief and expression. 

However we need to be careful not to adopt a culture war mentality. Jesus is victorious, and our job is to be ambassadors for Christ in the places he has put us to serve him. That requires a careful balancing of tact, grace and truth. We won’t always get it right, but our role is to lead others into encounter with Jesus.

Be blessed,