Think Friday: Therapy and Transformation

This week the Government announced that it will 'bring forward plans to end the practice of conversion therapy in the UK' as part of a much wider LGBT Action Plan.

Definitions are really important here. We agree with the government that controlling, abusive and coercive practices should be ended. We will work with Churches to increase understanding that these methods are not compatible with the orthodox practices of the Christian faith.

It is important however that people have the freedom to seek counsel and prayer in line with Scripture and that the orthodox teachings of the Christian faith around sexuality do not become criminalised or categorised as harmful. On this point the Government states, 'We are not trying to prevent LGBT people from seeking legitimate medical support or spiritual support from their faith leader in the exploration of their sexual orientation or gender identity.'

Transformation is at the heart of the gospel in this and every other circumstance. This does not mean that people should be forced to attempt to change their sexual orientation, it does mean that it falls under the authority, love and service of Jesus.

Our friends at Living Out have some great resources to help individuals and churches live fully and faithfully in this area:

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