Think Friday: Computers, Cakes, and Commissions

Lots of interesting stories in the news this week. Donald Tusk’s comments on hell certainly got people talking and could lead to some interesting conversations. 

This week we look at the decision by Ashers and the Christian Institute not to seek legal costs against the Equality Commission. I think this shows great integrity and hopefully sets a precedent for others looking to take important cases.

We have been in contact with the Equality Commission encouraging them to update their response and guidance in light of the Supreme Court decision in favour of Ashers and they have told us this is coming soon. In the meantime, we are encouraging Christians to consider becoming commissioners. This role involves setting a strategy and holding the Commission to account. You can find out more information here, and hurry as applications close on Friday 15th February. 

Finally, the UK’s four chief medical officers have suggested that mobile phones should be banned from the dinner table and bedtimes as part of a healthy approach to devices - more can be read hereThe Techwise Family is an excellent book by Andy Couch on putting technology in its proper place which I have reviewed here

Hopefully, that will get you thinking and chatting this weekend. 

Be blessed,