#TheBookshelf - Sara Graham

Sara Graham is director of a charity in Northern Ireland, she is passionate for the Church and has been actively engaged in youth ministry in her local church and through Scripture Union.

  1. Christian Classics - The Life You’ve Always Wanted

    Brilliant book for everyday faith practice - exploring disciplines, attitude of heart and life to the full.

  2. Theological Foundations - Forgotten God - Francis Chan

    There is an enormous gulf between what Scripture says about the Holy Spirit and how most believers and churches operate today. This book compels us ask, if the Spirit of God dwells in us, then shouldn’t there be supernatural evidence of God at work in us and in the church- and the world should notice!

  3. Discipleship & Development - Radical - David Platt

    Challenging the comfortable lifestyle of western Christianity, this book is utterly convicting on how we need to live in light of Gospel truth. It will challenge you to live a year of radical obedience in terms of how you read the Bible, pray for the world, give financially, and serve locally and cross culturally.

  4. Church & Mission - Courageous Leadership - Bill Hybels

    Harnessing the potential of leadership and individuals to build God’s kingdom - “the local church is the hope of the world”.

  5. Culture & Literature - Gatecrashing - Brian Heasley

    ‘If your church disappeared tomorrow, would the community you work in miss you?’

    This book tells the story of 24-7 prayer ministry in Ibiza. Deeply honest and inspiring about doing ministry in community “This is not a crusade. This is about me, a servant, treading gently, walking lightly and humbling myself throughout the land, asking for my King’s Kingdom to be established in whatever way he chooses.”