Changing Culture Video Series

Christians change culture. They confront the lies in our culture for what they are. They subvert, by offering a different story cutting across the dominant narrative. They re-create new horizons of possibility by inhabiting a story of hope.

We have created a video series exploring how we can live as those who change culture.  



Be Reconciled: Small Group Resource

Be Reconciled is a 6 week bible-based small group course. It was developed in partnership with the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland and with support from local Church leaders from across the denominations. Catherine was inspired to create the course while writing her dissertation in training for the ministry.

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Creation Care: A Challenge To The Church

“It seems to me that there are some Christians who claim to love and worship God, to be disciples of Jesus, and yet have no concern for the earth that bears his stamp of ownership. They do not care about the abuse of the earth and indeed, by their wasteful and over-consumptive lifestyles, they collude in it.

John Stott



Considering Transgender

On the 25th of June we held an event on Transgender. We were so overwhelmed that we had to turn some people away. You can find our resources here.

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