Reimagining Faith

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Reimagining Faith in the
Public Square


Jesus created all things, will reconcile all things and is holding all things together. So, we care about identity, relationships, purpose, freedom, love, justice and truth. We humbly propose ideas, values and policies for the flourishing of public life together.

We advocate for good stewardship of creation, good news for the poor, compassion for the vulnerable, justice for the abused, exploited and trafficked. We seek to model and champion strong marriages, families and reconciled community relationships. We stand for adoption and fostering, life and dignity for the unborn & their mothers and care for the sick and terminally ill. Freedom of conscience, belief and speech are important to everyone and we believe they should be responsibly mediated through good relationships.




Both Lives Matter

Both Lives Matter is a collaborative movement of individuals and organisations of which Evangelical Alliance is a founding partner. Together, we seek to reframe and rehumanise the abortion debate in Northern Ireland and beyond. 



Be Reconciled

Be Reconciled is a 6 week bible-based small group course, created by Catherine Simpson, a curate at Seapatrick Parish Church. It was developed in partnership with the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland and with support from local Church leaders from across the denominations.


Changing Culture

Changing Culture’ is a short video series on how we can engage our faith in the Public Square

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