Think Friday: Drugs, Love Island and woke capitalism

This week we consider the confessions of drug use emerging from the Conservative party leadership contest; the madness of Love Island and the growing phenomenon of woke capitalism.

Talkback called on Thursday wanting to talk about whether the drug use of politicians was a public or private matter. At the same time Love Island seems to be taking a largely private matter, dating, and turning it into a public spectacle. 

This tension between public and private values raised the issue of virtue signalling by big companies, sometimes referred to as woke capitalism. Diageo have cut ties with London Irish over the signing of Paddy Jackson while Netflix and Disney are boycotting certain US states for passing pro-life abortion laws. 

It seems to me that there is a great deal of confusion in our culture about values and morals. In our chaotic world, there is a great opportunity for us as Christians to speak life and order, echoing Genesis 1. There is also a fundamentalist edge to today’s virtue signalling with no way back for those who have transgressed. We are living in a world with less and less space for grace, forgiveness and redemption - which is a fantastic opportunity for us a Christ-followers to point towards Jesus.