Apologetics 3:15 - What next?

This month we have briefly explored the Theological discipline of Apologetics. We have looked at ‘What Apologetics is’ and ‘Why Apologetics is integral to the Church’, and ‘Facing Suffering’. We had brilliant interviews with Brian Auten of Reasonable Faith Belfast, and Mitch from Crown Jesus Ministries

Inevitably this leaves us with the question of ‘What next?’ Apologetics is for everyone, of all ages, and occupations. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the subject or if you have been in the theological books for decades, we all can improve, we all can grow, and we all can get better at engaging with society and reaching the lost in an age of intellectual skepticism and uncertainty. 

So what’s next? This final post will act as a sign-post towards various ministries and organisations that can help you grow in Apologetics and personal evangelism. 

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Reasonable Faith Belfast

Reasonable Faith Belfast meets monthly to explore issues of faith, science, the existence of God, evidence for the resurrection, and learning how to better understand and share your faith with thoughtfulness and confidence. You can see our interview with director of Reasonable Faith Belfast, Brian Auten, here. They meet one evening a month at the Belfast Bible College and the sessions are free to attend. 

C. S. Lewis Institute

The Fellows Programme is a one year, intensive discipleship program of heart and mind, designed for career aged men and women desiring to better articulate, defend, and live their faith in Jesus Christ. The program is designed for believers who are already established in their faith, who are highly motivated to grow deeper in their knowledge of and obedience to Jesus Christ. You can find out more about the Fellows Program here


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Crown Jesus Ministries

Crown Jesus Ministries run a course called the ‘School of Evangelism’. Crown Jesus has a desire to see people come into a relationship with Jesus. With passion and enthusiasm, the Crown Jesus team work to spread the Gospel and further God’s Kingdom in Ireland.  

The ‘School of Evangelism’ course strengthens knowledge and equips participants with the skills needed to effectively communicate the Gospel at home, at work and in their community. Accredited by Moorlands College, the course goes wide in the grasp of the subject and deep in its application to everyday life. You can find out more here.  

Other Notable Mentions

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Reboot // Belfast

Reboot is a one-day event for 12-18 year olds that enables young people with or without any faith or Church background, to raise their objections and investigate different perspectives on life. No question is off limits at Reboot! The day is packed with interactive talks, Q&A sessions and lots more! Reboot happens annually and this year it is on the 23rd March 2019. You can find out more here

Reality 316

Reality 316 is an Apologetics and Worldview Course run by Portrush Presbyterian Church. Reality 316 is a course that provides high quality teaching and unpacks the biggest questions in order that we can be equipped to answer. You can find out more here.  

Saints and Sceptics

Saints and Sceptics look to communicate the central claims of Christianity and to encourage and equip the Church to respond to the questions raised by sceptics. Saints and Sceptics provide a high standard of content, both audio and written, for all levels. They work in partnership with local Churches promoting evangelism and providing training in Apologetics. You can find out more here

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Belfast Bible College

There are ways to study Apologetics academically and/or with accreditation. Belfast Bible College have room for you to study Apologetics as part of their degree program. The College hosts various evening classes, many that relate directly to issues of Apologetics, such as, Ethics and World Religions. You can find out more here

Some books to go deeper…


  1. Mere Apologetics - Alister McGrath 

  2. Defending your Faith - R. C. Sproul 

  3. Tactics - Gregory Koukl  


  1. Reasonable Faith - William Lane Craig 

  2. Apologetics: A Justification for Christian belief - John Frame 

Some websites to visit…

  1. Bethinking.org 

  2. Apologetics315.com 

  3. Reasonablefaith.com 

  4. Str.org